College Admissions Planning

After thorough review of student's academic profile, interests, needs and wants, we set up detailed timelines for test preparation, essay writing, and application completion.

Search & Application Process

Based on the student’s academic, social, and financial criteria, we research and develop a balanced college list that best fits each unique student.

Third Culture Kids

We understand the cultural issues faced by TCKs and International Students and draw on personal experience and expertise to make their transition to American university life a smooth and successful one.

Test Preparation

We help students determine which tests are required and establish an optimal timetable for preparing SAT, ACT, and/or TOEFL standardized tests, as needed.

Why Hire an IEC?

A student’s decision regarding their education will shape so many aspects of their future lives. Choosing to hire a professional will ensure that your investment is the right one.

Paying for College

As the rising cost of college can be of major concern, we offer families sound Financial Aid advice, help with FAFSA and CSS Profile forms and scholarship support.

caroline Applying to college can be a daunting task. My job is to help students define their college admission goals and provide them with the tools, resources and support to achieve those goals. Families can count on my friendly and professional expertise and gain peace of mind knowing that their child is on the right track to earning admission to a college(s) that is right for them.

-Caroline Bouffard