"To any parent starting the college search process in the US, I highly recommend getting help from Caroline !
Discussing the college hunt with our daughter started off as a tense affair. We didn’t know how to ask the right questions to get her started thinking about her goals, and we were stuck with preconceptions about our daughter, and American colleges, that limited us too early in the process.
Caroline’s calm and caring approach soon cleared away all the tension and stress. We loved discovering new things about our child as she moved forward in her thinking about her own future. And the schools we found were like hidden treasures I’m sure we could never have found on our own.
She ended up applying to 7 schools and had the choice between 4 of them (1 waitlist she ended up not pursuing). In retrospect, I feel content knowing that she had just the right spread of schools from “safe” options to the “stretch” choices on her list – and they all met most of our daughter’s and our own criteria.
There is no doubt in my mind that I could not have done this without Caroline’s help! I’m so grateful for her help and hope she stays in Paris when my 2nd daughter is ready to start looking. "
Deborah B - parent
"It feels amazing to have been accepted where you wanted to be all along and to finally know where you are going next year!! So thank you so much for everything because I would not have been able to do it without you!"
Albane S. - student
"The service provided was incredibly helpful in choosing my college. I do not think I would have ended up in a better place for me than I am now. Caroline has done an excellent job. She could always answer any of my questions and concerns, she was very resourceful and found the colleges that fit me best because my opinion was always taken in account."
Gabrielle B. - student
"I would strongly recommend A+CollegeCoaching and did so already. Really liked responsiveness and listening / understanding. Really eased this somehow heavy process and made it accessible to us, even without strong knowledge from the school. Thanks!"
Anonymous - parent